Galaxy Tab injunction upheld, Apple denied ban on HTC devices


Samsung’s appeal for a stay of Apple’s recently-awarded injunction against the 10.1″ Galaxy Tab has been denied by Judge Lucy Koh, who awarded the injunction in the first place. No decision has been made regarding the similar Galaxy Nexus injunction yet.

A Samsung representative is quoted as saying, “Samsung is disappointed with the court’s decision that denied our motion to stay. We believe today’s ruling will ultimately reduce the availability of superior technological features to consumers in the United States. Regardless, we will continue to pursue a request for an appeal of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 preliminary injunction, which we filed on June 26 to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.”

A related request by Apple for an emergency ban on HTC devices before the ITC (International Trade Commission) in the States has meanwhile been denied. Apple argued that HTC is infringing on a patent held by the Cupertino company, in violation of an exclusion order issued last year.

The ITC wrote, “The commission finds that Apple has not demonstrated the propriety of temporary emergency action here. The commission will not direct Customs to detain all subject HTC products because the commission does not have the information necessary to determine whether the respondents are currently violating the commission’s limited exclusion order.”

Source: AllThingsD and Engadget


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