Windows 7 catching up to Windows XP usage


As of the end of June this year Windows 7 is just behind Windows XP as the most-used operating system in the world, according to data released by Net Applications.

Windows 7 has been closing the gap between itself and Windows XP slowly since the OS launched in 2009 and now sits 2% behind XP with 41.6% of the market share total. XP holds on to 46.6%, while Windows Vista has dropped to 6.7% of the market share.

Windows XP’s market dominance has fallen from 64% in 2010 to its current level, with Windows 7 eating up the difference. This should see Windows 7 take the crown as the world’s most used OS for a few months before Windows 8 officially launches and starts the competition all over again.

Source: CNET


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