Now that the Nexus 7 is out, rumours of a 10″ tablet from Google have started


Google may have a 10″ version of the recently-released Nexus tablet in the works, if unconfirmed reports are to be believed.

A report from DigiTimes, citing “industry sources”, is claiming that Google will be getting 10-inch touch panels from AU Optronics and Wintek. Wintek supplied more than 500,000 7″ touch panels to Google in June for the Nexus 7.

No other information was given regarding Google’s possible plans so it is probable that the sources are only aware of the screens to be used.

Reports from DigiTimes have a less-than-stellar record when it come to accuracy but they have made the correct call on occasion.

This report seems to be contradicted by comments made by Director of Android Partner Engineering for Google Patrick Brady however. Brady said, “We thought a lot about how we’d design the software and hardware to fit a number of use cases. For instance, I think 10-inch tablets are too big for gaming and reading books. We wanted it to be portable. And we wanted it to be great for reading books and magazines as well as playing games and watching movies.”

Source: CNET


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