More details on Google’s Project Glass, vague pricing and availability


More information on Google’s Project Glass, the augmented reality glasses that would not look out of place in a scifi film, were made available at Google’s I/O event.

For starters, the device will comprise memory, a processor, accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, camera, touchpad and speakers, cramming most tech seen in current smartphones into the head-mounted gadget. Specs for these items were not revealed but an ‘Explorer’ pre-order edition of the glasses was made available to Google I/O attendees for the sum of $1,500, which seemed to have more than a few people interested.

A developer version of the glasses is expected early next year, with a general consumption version expected less than a year after that. The cost will reportedly be “significantly lower” than $1,500 for the consumer version.

The glasses won’t have built-in 3G, requiring phone tethering when out in the world. Battery life is one of the hurdles Google is hoping to overcome before the glasses release to the public. Presently it is sitting at about 6 hours on a charge but the company wants them to last for an entire day. Voice activated control appears to be the best method of using the glasses, according to Google’s Sergei Brin, but the touchpad and exterior buttons will be available for anyone how doesn’t like the idea of talking to their gadgets.

Source: AllThingsD


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