Amazon Kindle Fire 2 to launch in July? – report


A CNET report – citing an anonymous but “credible” source – says that Amazon is looking at a 31 June date for a launch event for a new model Kindle Fire tablet.

The report cannot be confirmed at the moment but appears to be in line with speculation from other outlets, some – like DigiTimes – are claiming that the Kindle Fire will be seeing a price drop in preparation for a new model to roll out.

Details on the specs for a new Kindle Fire are spotty at the moment. The unnamed source says that the new hardware will feature a camera and physical volume control buttons but does not give any other specs. The DigiTimes report, which cites sources in the “upstream supply chain”, goes a little further, saying that two new 7″ tablets are due with a 10.1″ version being considered for the end of this year.

The two 7″ tablets will apparently offer different specs. One will be a more advanced model with a screen resolution of 1280 x 800 while the other will feature specs similar to the current Kindle Fire and a screen res of 1024 x 600. That is, if the rumours are true.

Source: CNET


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