Xbox 720 roadmap apparently leaked


A 56-page document surfaced over the weekend that apparently outlines the roadmap for Microsoft’s new console, which the documents call the Xbox 720. Whether the information contained in the document is accurate is up for dispute without a confirmation from Microsoft but all that the company has done is requested that the document be removed from Scrib, where it was previously uploaded.

The documents are reportedly dated mid-2010 and supposedly details an internal planning meeting which discussed the possible hardware for the ‘Xbox 720’, as it is referred to in the document. A possible configuration for the system would include six to eight 2Ghz ARM/x86 cores, with another two dedicated to the system OS and a further 3 PowerPC cores handling backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 titles.

Other features and functions described include the Kinect 2, which would feature beefed-up specs, true 1080p output for the console and DVR and streaming capabilities that sound a lot like the recently announced Smartglass feature for Xbox Live.

Unfortunately nothing can be confirmed at the moment and Microsoft isn’t saying anything regarding the document. There is speculation that the document is authentic but that it represents an idea console whose features would have been pared down if they were economically unfeasible.

Source: Digital Trends


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