Activision unveils mobile strategy


Call of Duty publisher Activision revealed in a recent interview that the company would be moving more aggressively into the mobile gaming sphere, starting with the establishment of a publishing division aimed at putting third-party mobile titles onto the market.

Activision Blizzard’s vice president of Mobile Greg Canessa, speaking in an interview with AllThingsD, said that Activision would have several other announcements regarding mobile forthcoming in future. The third-party publishing scheme is the first of these and will see the company partner with Flurry, a mobile analytics and advertising firm, to identify potential developers.

Activision will also be experimenting with free-to-play titles but, according to Canessa, the publisher feels that the time is right for them to expand into mobile thanks to the increased availability  of mobile devices that could support gaming.

“It made a company like us, that’s focused on mid-core and hardcore gaming, take a second look at the platform. Two or three years ago, you couldn’t envision a world where you could put mid- or hardcore games on mobile.”

Source: AllThingsD


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