Bosch develops robotic lawnmower


Mowing the lawn is a chore that often cannot be avoided, whether one has to do it themselves or shell out for a garden service but that may be about to change. Power tool manufacturer Bosch have come out with their attempt at automating the process with the pending launch of the Bosch Indego.

The Indego is a robotic lawnmower that will apparently cut up to 1,000 square metres at a time. Owners will need to lay a boundary made of wire – provided with the mower – that will assist the device in knowing where to go. It will automatically avoid large objects like rocks and items left on the grass.

The mower will only be able to run for 20 minutes at a time but there will reportedly be no need to maintain its charge. The Indego will return to its charging station automatically, charge the lithium-ion battery for 90 minutes and then head out to carry on the job.

The Indego is expected to go on sale in Europe this year before heading to other markets. The only catch is the $2,040 (R17,100) price tag.

Source: Digital Trends


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