Kyocera releases speakerless phone


Kyocera have released a new handset in Japan that does away with the traditional speaker for sound playback during calls, opting instead for a system called ’tissue conduction’.

The phone, the Urbano Progresso, uses something called a Smart Sonic Receiver which transmits vibrations that are physically picked up by the ear. The drawback is that the handset must be firmly pressed against the user’s ear for it to work but it reportedly allows for clear conversations even in the presence of excessive background noise.

Kyocera are demonstrating the phone at the Wireless Japan expo in Tokyo, where folks are able to test it while standing in from of a speaker that plays back noise like construction work.

The Android 4.0 device does still have a speaker fitted however, for ringtones and for the speakerphone function. It is also water and shock resistant, packs in an 8 megapixel camera and has a 4″ display.

Source: PC World


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