Do you need a Twig for your iPhone?


A new Kickstarter from Jason Hilbourne has a nifty idea for your iPhone and, for the low funding target of $50,000, he will make it available. Called the Twig, this portable device can act as a tripod, charger and chord wrap for an iPhone thanks to its flexible design.

The Twig consists of three bendable legs that can be configured into a tripod or stand for an iPhone, allowing users to set up their phone for some music and a hands-free self timer camera shot. The insulated legs are also able to plug into an AC wall socket, converting the 4″ long gadget into a charging dock.

The Twig is almost completely funded, with $44,000 pledged out of the $50,000 total at the time of writing, with 57 days remaining for contributions. The funds will be used for “plastic injection molds, wire forming fixtures, elastomer over-mold tooling” and a few other unspecified items. Hilbourne expects to have the Twig available for sale by September this year. The prices is expected to be in the region of $20 or so, judging by the pledge rewards listed, with another $19 needed to secure international shipping.

Source: Kickstarter


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