Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson resigns


Yahoo’s (now former) CEO Scott Thompson has resigned, citing “personal reason” for leaving the company after only six months at the helm.

His resignation comes on the heels of claims that he had falsified his resume, leading to the Yahoo board looking into his credentials. Sources speaking to AllThingsD have said that Thompson will be claiming that he is leaving due to a recently discovered illness.

Replacing Thompson as interim CEO will be Ross Levinsohn, “effective immediately” according to a statement. Yahoo’s Roy Bostoc has also stepped down as chairman of the board and is being replaced by Fred Amoroso.

Amoroso said “The Board is pleased to announce these changes and the settlement with Third Point, and is confident that they will serve the best interests of our shareholders and further accelerate the substantial advances the Company has made operationally and organizationally since last August.”

Source: Digital Trends and AllThingsD


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