Google, Mozilla concerned over browsers in Windows RT


Mozilla have registered their concerns over the upcoming ARM-specific Windows RT OS, which will reportedly only fully support Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. The Firefox developer has called for Microsoft to allow alternate browsers on the ARM-based system, a call which Google has echoed.

The two companies would be able to release a browser for the RT operating system but the software will be denied the same level of access that Internet Explorer would enjoy, making for highly unattractive versions of either Firefox or Chrome.

Google said, “We share the concerns Mozilla has raised regarding the Windows 8 environment restricting user choice and innovation. We’ve always welcomed innovation in the browser space across all platforms and strongly believe that having great competitors makes us all work harder. In the end, consumers and developers benefit the most from robust competition.”

Whether Microsoft will allow third-party browsers on their ARM OS in uncertain but if they don’t, they may spark off a smaller version of the browser wars. Legal action isn’t being considered by Mozilla or Google at this point but that doesn’t rule it out in future.

Source: CNET


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