Rumoured changes in the next iPhone iteration


The rumour mill churns ever onwards and speculation on the next iPhone is the subject of a lot of interest but some recently leaked information has pointed towards a slightly larger, slimmer iPhone.

According to a source that has previously proved to be reliable Apple’s next iPhone will be sporting new dimensions of 125 x 58.5 x 7.4mm, a change of 10mm in height  and a 2mm thinner profile over previous models. Apple will apparently be replacing the back panel, swapping out glass in favour of a flat metal plate, and will be making use of Gorilla Glass 2 for the front panel. There is speculation that the back panel will be comprised of liquid metal, which Apple exclusively licensed in 2010.

There will also reportedly be a change in screen aspect ratio for the first time since the first iPhone was released as the screen is expected to lengthen from 3.5″ to 4″. A new dock connector is also expected, doing away with the old 30-pin for a smaller configuration. The naming convention for the new unit is wholly uncertain but a new iPhone, whatever it is called, is expected to be revealed between June and October this year.

We will only know what is correct and what is speculation once Apple’s marketing engine swings into action again but enough rumours are lining up to make at least some of the above a near-certainty.

Source: Fast Company


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