iPad accounts for nearly 95% of tablet internet traffic


According to a study done by online advertising network Chitika, the company that recently released near-real-time updates for mobile operating system market share, the iPad is outstripping the competition in terms of usage.

According to Chitika the iPad is accounting for 94.64% of internet traffic on tablets while its closest competitor, the Samsung Galaxy, only uses up 1.22% of the overall total.

The company examined how many advertisements were being served to the various mobile platforms and found that for every 100 ads on iPad devices, a little more than one advert was displayed on Samsung’s Galaxy and the Asus Transformer Prime. By the same metric less than one advert is being displayed on the Xoom, Playbook, Nook and Kindle Fire tablets for every 100 ads on the iPad.

These results seem to indicate that not only is the iPad outselling most of its rivals but it is also seeing far more daily usage than competing tablets.

“Going forward the competition is going to be hard pressed to find a way to overthrow the seemingly omnipotent Apple.  Not only do they offer a great product they have the undying devotion of their enthusiasts.  Thus far Apple’s iPad offering has been able to thwart any attempt by competitors to develop a rival (or even equivalent product).”

Source: AllThingsD


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