Turning an iPhone into a pico projector


The concept may not be new but in this case the execution is certainly cheap and compact. Micron Technology’s PoP Video gadget is available for pre-order in the States at the moment and this little device turns an iPhone or iPod Touch into a pico projector. For $99 (R770).

According to the company’s website, the PoP Video is capable of 960 x 540 pixel output from one of the supported Apple devices. It has been designed for use with the iPhone 4, iPhone 4 S and the third and fourth generation iPod Touch and uses Apple’s proprietary 30-pin dock connector. The entire unit weighs in at 98 grams and is apparently capable of 2 hours of playing time with a full charge. The entire setup is controlled by a free iOS app.

It’s not quite as impressive as the Samsung Galaxy Beam, as far as mobile projectors go, but would justify the price tag for a highly portable cinema. Hopefully something similar will make an appearance on this side of the planet soon.

Source: Engadget


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