Microsoft retiring Windows Live brand


Microsoft will be retiring the Windows Live branding for their products and services with the launch of Windows 8, saying that “Windows Live services and apps were built on versions of Windows that were simply not designed to be connected to a cloud service for anything other than updates, and as a result, they felt “bolted on” to the experience.”

The company feels that Live services like Hotmail, Skydrive and Messenger, despite having enjoyed a large following, did not meet their expectations for a connected service and that the brand will be replaced with the new Microsoft account.

“Today the expectation is that a modern device comes with services as well as apps for communication and sharing.  There is no “separate brand” to think about or a separate service to install – it is all included when you turn on your PC for the first time.”

Microsoft will be providing more information on the changes that will happen on their platform in the coming weeks.

Source: PC World


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