Apple and Samsung dominating smartphone market


According to recent data published by research firm IDC Apple and Samsung now have a combined hold on the smartphone market, collectively making up over 50% of smartphone units sold for the first time.

The two companies now comprise 53.3% of smartphone sales. Samsung is leading with 29.1% of global smartphone sales and Apple possesses 24.2% of the market. IDC’s data also shows that Nokia, RIM and HTC have all seen a decline in smartphone market share with Nokia showing the biggest drop, from 23.8% to 8.2% year-on-year.

Senior research analyst with IDC Kevin Restivo said, “The halcyon days of rapid growth in the smartphone market have been good to Samsung. Samsung has used its established relationships with carriers in a mix of economically diverse markets to gain share organically and at the expense of former high fliers such as Nokia.”

Source: The Guardian


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