Opera 12 beta now available


Opera have just released the beta version of Opera 12 desktop browser, code-named “Wahoo”, promising a list of new features and improvements over previous versions.

Among these features are downloadable themes for the browser, along with the option to create your own theme if nothing on the pre-created list is appealing. Opera have a tutorial available for users who are keen to try their hand at customising their browser skins.

Improvements have been made to plug-ins, with Opera stating that a malfunctioning plug-in will no longer take the rest of the browser down with it. The network SSL code has also been tweak, bringing an improvement in speed along with it. New languages, upgrades to the security badge and 64-bit support have also been touted.

Something unusual is the addition of camera support for Opera 12, achieved by “…supporting getUserMedia, an API that allows web applications to use hardware like your computer’s built-in web cam.” Users can try out this feature after downloading the Beta by tackling one of several demos.


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