Google Drive is real, now live


Google’s rumoured Google Drive is a rumour no more. The service has gone live with a few features that were not covered in the rumours but the 5GB free offering was on the mark.

Users who are looking for a bit more space can get 25Gb, 100GB or 1TB of storage for $2.49 (R20), $4.99 (R40) and $49.99 (R390) per month respectively. Those who upgrade to a paid account of any type will also have their Gmail storage increased to 25GB.

Google have integrated Google Docs into Drive and the Drive client is available for PC, Mac and Android devices, with an iOS app in the works. Drive is apparently also able to recognise and convert printed text in scanned documents, converting it to an editable document using OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

Source: Google blog


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