A vintage Nikon lens for the price of an expensive car


If you’re serious about your photography and have somewhere in the region of R1.2 million to burn on a lens then Grays of Westminster might have just what you are looking for.

The London camera store only deals in Nikon products and store co-founder Gray Levett recently uncovered a Fisheye-Nikkor 6mm f/2.8 lens which has a viewing angle of 220º and a price tag of R1,260,000 (£100,000). Not bad for a secondhand lens.

The Fisheye-Nikkor weighs a hefty 5.2kg. It was introduced by Nikon in 1970 at the Photokina trade show in Cologne, Germany and only a few hundred were ever made. The last one to surface was sold on eBay for around R266,000.

Source: Engadget


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