penveu turns projectors, screens into whiteboards


A company called Interphase is releasing an electronic pen that turns projectors or screens into whiteboards, aimed at education institutions and businesses.

The penveu system incorporates a wireless stylus that is able to switch between functioning in a mouse mode and a pen mode. In mouse mode users can use the pen in the same way that they would a touchpad on a notebook while in pen mode they are able to select a range of ‘inks’ and draw on screens during presentations or lessons.

The penveu consists of the pen, a dock and a VGA connector that connects to either a flatscreen or projector and apparently requires no setting up at all. Twelve accelerometers and a camera built into the tip of the pen handle the work.

You can see the penveu in action in the user’s guide video below. The device is expected to become available in July this year in 8GB and 16GB models. The device is able to save screengrabs to its internal memory should users opt to use a screen without a computer attached.

Source: Wired


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