Sony unveils “nasne”, for Japan only


Sony has revealed “nasne”, a new networked recorder and media storage device that will launch in Japan on 19 July this year.

The device will ship with a SATA 500GB hard disk drive and digital terrestrial and satellite broadcast tuners built into the unit and will be able to stream live or recorded content to up to two supported Sony devices. The PlayStation 3 (provided it has supporting Torne software installed), PlayStation Vita, Sony Tablet, Vaio PC and Xperia handset are among the devices supported.

PS3 units can have up to four “nasne” units connected at once, allowing users to record up to four television programs simultaneously. Vita owners will be able to export recorded content to the handheld gaming console for later viewing. Vaio PC, Sony Tablet and Xperia users will be able to view and record “digital terrestrial and satellite broadcasts through dedicated applications.”

“nasne” will cost 16,980 Yen (R1,650) when it launches in Japan. Whether the device or an alternative based on it ever makes it outside of Japan isn’t known at this time.

Source: Engadget and PC World Image: Engadget


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