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Kickstarter is responsible for a lot of cool things in recent months. It is helping get a new adventure game made by Tim Schafer and now it is also funding the Pebble e-paper smartwatch.

Allerta, the company responsible for the inPulse smartwatch for Blackberry, is producing the Pebble, which is able to connect via Bluetooth to both Android and iOS handsets to provide a range of functions on your wrist.

The Pebble wristwatch will be able to access a smartphone GPS in order to function as a bike or runner’s computer, will control music on the phone or work as a rangefinder on a golfing range. It will also display notifications like email, calendar alerts, caller ID, or Twitter and Facebook alerts. These can apparently be disabled as needed and dismissed with a shake of the user’s wrist. The Pebble will also display SMS messages for Android devices. There will also be an option for customised apps thanks to SDK and if-this-then-that support.

The smartwatch will feature a black and white e-paper 144×168 display, with customisable electronic watch faces. The device will be splashproof, scratch-resistant and will function for a week or more on a single charge. Contributing on Kickstarter is an easy way to get access to a Pebble but they are expected to hit the market around September this year.

Source: Wired and Kickstarter


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