Wavii launches, wants to collate everything for you


A new web and iPhone service called Wavii has launched and it wants create personalised status updates for the topics that you are interested in.

“Wavii automatically creates status updates for your favorite politicians, celebs, gadgets, companies, and more. These updates highlight what’s happening, like a political victory, dramatic breakup, startup acquisition, app release, and everything else, so you’re in the know and can discuss with friends.”

Users can specify the topics that interest them as well as sources and Wavii will reportedly do the rest. It crawls the web, compiling a list of relevant articles while discarding duplicate pieces before offering users a timeline of headlines based around the content that users have chosen.

Not all of the final features are in place yet but users can check it out for iTunes or on the web (link above) in the meantime.

Source: Wavii and AllThingsD


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