New Toshiba tablets announced


Toshiba has announced three new Tegra 3-powered tablets, all carrying the Excite branding, that will be taking the place of their Thrive product line. The three tablets are split into 7.7″, 10″ and 13″ models, all of them featuring NVidia’s Tegra 3 system-on-chip.

The Excite 7.7 boasts the same AMOLED screen as Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and will ship with 1GB of RAM while housing a micro USB port and a Micro SD slot. It will not have HDMI support. The Excite 10 will have a screen resolution of 1280×800, 1GB of RAM, micro USB and micro HDMI ports, an SD card slot and front and rear cameras (2 and 5 megapixels respectively). The  Excite 13 tablet will feature a screen comparable in size to a notebook, with a resolution of 1600×900 and the same ports/slots as the 10″ model. All of the Toshiba tablets will have Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich installed.

The tablets are expected in May (Excite 10) and June (Excite 7.7 and 13) this year and are expected to range in price overseas from $500 (R4,000) for the 16GB Excite 7.7 to $750 (R6,000) for the 64GB Excite 13.

Source: Engadget


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