Chocolate printer available for pre-order


3D printers are an exciting technology, used for printing three-dimensional objects, generally make use of plastics in order to build their creations. This technology is about to enter the confectionery world with the aid of a chocolate printer that… prints chocolate.

Choc Edge, which was founded by Dr. Lian Hao who built the initial version of the printer, has got Choc Edge chocolate printers available for pre-order. The printer makes use of specialised parts in order to facilitate chocolate designs, which may account for the heavy price tag. The printer will set prospective owners back £2,488 (R31,550) at the discounted pre-order price, 30% of which is payable as a deposit.

This is only the initial version of the printer and whatever it makes isn’t rated for human consumption. A food-grade certified printer is expected to become available in the next 3 to 6 months.

Source: PC World


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