Berkeley hosting 3D Printing for Science challenge


Tekla Labs, which was founded by UC Berkeley students, is running a “3D Printing for Science design challenge” aimed at improving the affordability of science education through the use of 3D printers. The challenge will run until 30 April this year.

The challenge hopes to get people to submit original DIY plans for lab equipment, either conventional or innovative, that can cheaply be created using a 3D printer. Non-plastic components are welcome provided that they are readily available and fall under a certain price range. The group intends to publish the blueprints and possibly assist underfunded science centers by giving them cheaper alternatives for equipment, along the lines of the magnetic stirrer or sample rotator plans that can be found on their website.

The group is offering prizes for the top 5 entries in each of the two categories, DIY Alternative and Novel Gadget, with the top-tier rewards being a choice between a Kindle Fire or DSO Quad Oscilloscope.

Prospective entrants as welcome from all over the USA but international submitters are advised to contact the organisers beforehand.

Source: Tekla Labs via PC World


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