SolarKindle is world’s first solar-powered e-reader cover


Solarfocus Technology Company has announced the availability of the SolarKindle, a solar-powered e-reader cover that uses a “…custom-designed solar panel and integrated solar charging circuitry [to]deliver high charging efficiency”, essentially keeping your Kindle charged without a power point.

Executive Vice President at SolarFocus Dick Lu said, “Based on years of solar research resulting in numerous patents and winning a 2012 International CES Innovations Design & Engineering Awards Honoree, SolarKindle is the first practical solar gadget that makes unplugged e-reading come true.”

The solar-charging protective cover will ship with a 3 month guarantee for unplugged Kindle use, provided that normal sunlight conditions are available. The unit also contains a dual-charging reserve battery that can use either the solar panel or a USB port to add up to 50 hours of extra powered-on time.

The SolarKindle models are available for $79.99 (R630), with Kindle Touch-compatible on pre-order for the same price. The company is also running a Facebook/Mother’s Day promotion to go along with the launch of this illuminating device.

Source: Solarfocus


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