Tricorder – powered by Linux


There is a way to get a certain type of person’s attention and that way is to ask, “Would you like a working Tricorder?” Dr Peter Jansen, a cognitive science researcher, has published specs for a mostly-working tricorder that he has been developing since 2007.

The device is modeled after the iconic Star Trek piece of equipment and Dr Jansen has released specifications for two of the four that he has developed. The Mark 2 tricorder runs Debian Linux, which is stored on a Micro SD, and features an Atmel AT91RM9200, dual 2.8″ OLED touchscreens and a range of sensors that allow some impressive functions.

The Mark 2 tricorder, the more advanced to the two Jansen has revealed, is able to measure: atmospheric temperature and humidity, magnetic fields, colour, atmospheric pressure, non-contact temperature, ambient light levels, GPS location, and is fitted with an ultrasonic distance sensor and accelerometer/gyroscope combination.

Source: Tricorder Project via Ars Technica


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