Nokia will oppose Apple’s nano-SIM standard


Nokia has said that they will not contribute any of their patents to the upcoming nano-SIM standard should Apple’s proposal  for the standard be adopted.

Both Nokia, with the support of RIM and Motorola Mobility, and Apple have proposals for the new 4FF (fourth form factor) standard under consideration by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

Apple recently stated that they would make any patents essential to the nano-SIM standard available free of charge, provided their proposal is accepted and under the condition that all other patent-holders do the same. Nokia believes that Apple may be engaging in “…an attempt to devalue the intellectual property of others”, according to a Nokia spokesperson, saying that Apple does not hold any patents essential to the standard.

Nokia says that the company is not willing to contribute to Apple’s proposal because “…ETSI’s current work on the 4FF standard is in conflict with ETSI’s agreed rules” and that “Apple is misusing the standardization process.”

Source: PC World


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