Kindle Touch 3G due in April


Amazon has announced that their Kindle Touch 3G e-reader will start shipping from 27 April  to over 175 countries. South Africa has been included on the list of countries getting the device.

Amazon’s newest reader is available for pre-order and will cost, according to, $189 (a little under R1,500) not including import taxes.

The Touch 3G will feature a 6″ E Ink touch screen and apparently has enough storage capacity for 3,000 e-books. Amazon has claimed that the device’s battery will last for two months but did not specify how much usage that would include.

The 3G portion of this e-reader is what will interest prospective owners most. The Kindle Touch 3G comes with free 3G access that works globally.

“Kindle Touch 3G uses the same wireless signals as cell phones, so you don’t need to worry about Wi-Fi connections, passwords or internet charges. Unlike cell phones, with Kindle Touch 3G there are no monthly fees or commitments — Amazon pays for Kindle Touch 3G’s wireless connectivity.”

Source: PC World


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