Fujifilm reveals limited Globe-Trotter X-Pro1 suitcase, massive price tag


If you care about your photos enough to spend a gigantic amount of money on the X-Pro1 from Fujifilm, with all the trimmings, then the latest addition of the company’s X-series might be be right up your alley.

Fujifilm has partnered with Globe-Trotter, a British luggage manufacturer, to create twelve X-Pro1 suitcases that are exclusive to Harrods in London.

“Each case has handcrafted compartments to house the X-Pro1, the flash, filter and the camera’s three lenses and lens hoods: 18mm, 35mm and 60mm.”

The Globe-Trotter X-Pro1 case is selling for £5695 (R68,750) but that includes the case, the X-Pro1 body and all of the extras. Traveling to London to purchase the setup might set you back a little more.

Source: Fujifilm


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