Meet Doug, the luggage robot


One man has started work on luggage that follows its owner. Ben Heck has created Doug, a robotic assistant tracks its owner and follows along behind.

Doug the luggage robot isn’t the most elegant robotic companion but the structural resemblance to R2-D2 could have Star Wars fans considering converting the little fellow’s appearance.

The little robot uses ping sensors to track where its owner is. A sensor attached to a person’s belt allows Doug to see where that person is, how far behind them Doug should be and when he should stop. It comes fitted with conventional handles, which is a good thing since the robot is only about to creep about 3.5 kilometers per hour.

While Doug is little more than a project it does signal a step in the direction of self-navigating luggage. Or the mass production of R2 units. If only they could make luggage with hundreds of little legs…

Source: PCWorld


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