Seagate reaches storage milestone


Seagate says that they have made a breakthrough in hard drive storage that, they claim, will see HDDs reaching capacities of 60TB within the next decade.

Seagate announced that they have managed to achieve a storage density of a terabit, or a trillion bits, per square inch, making them the first company to do so. This was reportedly achieved with heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR). Conventional recording technology, known as perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) has been around since 2006.

According to Seagate HAMR is capable of improving considerably over existing technology. The company plans to introduce the breakthrough to consumers in the approximate form of a 6TB desktop drive and a 2TB laptop model but believes that the tech will be able to scale up to produce capacities of 30 to 60TB for desktop HDDs.

Source: CNET


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