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Sometimes you have the urge to scribble on a major landmark but actions like that are frowned upon by society and law enforcement officials in general. Wallit, an app for writing on things you wouldn’t normally write on, has you covered.

The Wallit app, currently available for iOS devices that support version 4.0 and later, allows users to post messages on virtual walls located near landmarks, tourist attractions and other high traffic areas. The application lets viewers see what has been posted before and add their own views, messages or just plain graffiti to the virtual wall.

“Wallit adds character to places. As more people share their experiences, they are cultivating their own legacy and contributing to the essence of a place.”

The virtual walls being used can be viewed with the app itself. Activating Wallit and moving the device it is installed on around will locate the augmented reality area through the viewfinder of the camera on the device. Users are unable to create new walls and all content posted to the walls must be done within sight of the virtual wall itself.

“We believe that to truly capture this essence and represent the true character of a place, we need to adhere to the nature of being in that location.”

Source: Wallit


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