Encyclopaedia Britannica goes digital-only


The print edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica has been discontinued after 244 years of service. The publishers announced yesterday that, once their current inventory of 32-volume sets has been depleted, the printed version would cease to exist. It will give way to a digital-only edition of the educational tool.

Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc. president Jorge Cauz said in a statement that “We are energized by the fact that our efforts of the last few years have been successful. We have completed our transition from print publisher of the Encyclopaedia Britannica to a digital provider of knowledge and e-learning solutions.”

Cauz stressed that the complete switch to digital is only the end of an era, saying that “…no single medium, neither books nor bits, is at the core of our mission.”

“By concentrating our efforts on our digital properties, we can continuously update our content and further expand the number of topics and the depth with which they are treated without the space constraints of the print set.”

Source: CNET


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