Acer Timeline M3 Ultra packing GPU power


Acer and NVidia are teaming up to release an Ultrabook with enough graphics power to allow the slim device to function as a gaming machine. The Acer Timeline M3 Ultra will feature a discrete GeForce GT640M GPU which is based on NVidia’s Kepler architecture. According to NVidia this unit will be the first Ultrabook to boast a discrete GPU.

“The GeForce GT640M is based on the power efficient Kepler architecture in 28nm silicon and boasts Optimus technology to reduce power consumption where it’s most important – an Ultrabook.”

NVidia has said that there will be more Ultrabooks with discrete GPUs making an appearance in the “near future”. The Timeline M3 Ultra is expected to ship later this month, with pricing and availability being revealed later.

Source: NVidia via Engadget


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