Tag Heuer has a very expensive phone for you


Tag Heuer has jumped in to the mobile phone arena with an entry called the Racer. Inspired by Tag’s involvement with GT vehicles and Formula 1, the handsets will feature a “…shockproof rubber chassis is supported and strengthened by the screwed-in titanium and carbon fiber bridges.”

Owning one of these Android handsets will take some sacrifices, like a spare kidney. The product line, which is expected to launch in July this year, starts at 2800EUR or R28,000 in local currency.

Little is known about the specs of Tag Heuer’s Racer phones but it will boast a “high speed processor” and the “latest” version of Android. A “new customizable 3D user interface” is also being touted for the extremely expensive status symbol but no other details are available at this time.

Source: Gizmodo


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