Marvel Comics jumps on the augmented reality bandwagon


Marvel Comics have taken another step towards an increased digital presence with their products by demonstrating a new augmented reality feature for their printed offerings. The company unveiled an initiative called Marvel ReEvolution at South by South West (SXSW) over the weekend, part of which is Marvel AR.

Marvel Augmented Reality makes use of a printed comic book and an AR app that functions on a smartphone or tablet. The augmented reality comes in by giving readers extras, viewable via the Marvel AR app, such as the progression of the panel being viewed from pencil drawing to fully-inked comic pane. Other options, like commentary from artists, writers and editors and 3-dimensional additions to the story were also seen during the demonstration. The app, created by AR company Aurasma, recognises certain drawn panels and downloads and presents the augmented reality content for that image.

A less exciting announcement regarding the Marvel ReEvolution is that comic fans will be able to get their hands on digital-only comics which are branded Marvel Infinite Comics. These are viewable on the non-AR Marvel comics app and will set readers back $0.99. However certain printed and digital editions will come with free access to Marvel Infinite Comics issues.

Source: CNET


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