Hardware expected in latest iPad


The run-up to Apple’s latest reveal has set gadget websites alight, generating a buzz that will only start subsiding once the Cupertino-based company has said what they have to say. Most prominent of the talk is that Apple will be dropping the numbering system for the latest iteration of their popular tablet. The expected title for the newest iPad is the iPad HD, so named because of the screen it will apparently feature.

Several reports are stating that the third iPad will feature a screen resolution of 2048×1536, double that of the iPad and iPad 2. This resolution is crammed into a screen the same size as its less up-to-date siblings which will possess far smaller pixels.

A purported leak regarding the hardware that will be present inside the iPad HD has claimed that the tablet will be powered by an Apple-made ‘A5X’ dual-core processor. Other reports have said that a quad-core A6 chip is a foregone conclusion.

A beefed-up camera, increased RAM and 4G broadband access built in to the unit all form part of the speculation surrounding Apple’s big reveal. Chinese blog M.I.C. Gadget has also recently posted a video claiming to show what the body of the new iPad will look like.

Sources: CNET and Gizmodo


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