Haptics tech demoed at MWC


Two companies, Immersion and Senseg, demonstrated advances in haptics technology at the Mobile World Congress this year. Haptics technology is a tactile innovation that gives users the impression that they can feel what is being seen on an electronic device. The technology has been around for some time, mostly utilising vibration or force feedback but both Immersion and Senseg have something new to offer.

The aptly-named Immersion demonstrated several examples of their haptics technology, including a roller coaster video that replicates the clicking sensation of climbing to a high point and part of the sensation of the subsequent drop.

Senseg offered a different approach, which they say is ready to be implemented in handsets and tablets. A custom chip and screen coating is used to generate a textured feeling on glass screens, mimicking the properties on the image on-screen.

Both companies are at different stages in their development. Senseg is looking to bring its first customers on board while Immersion says that a Pantech tablet already plays host to their technology with more on the way.

Source: AllThingsD via Gizmodo Image: AllThingsD


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