Star Wars

Light Start – More Star Wars coming, Switch production, Apple’s AR, and Injustice 2 Turtles

You had to know this was coming: Another trilogy of Star Wars films announced What, you thought it was over? Star Wars films are never going to be going away, as evidenced by a new announcement in a Disney earnings call last week. Long story short, there’s a new trilogy of Star Wars films in the works. Details are thin but it all apparently involve “new characters from a corner of the ...[Read More]

Brace yourself for Samsung’s Darth Vader vacuum cleaner

Sometimes when cleaning your home, you have to use a little Force. This sounds like the start of an Eddie Izzard skit but Samsung has only gone out and made a Darth Vader vacuum cleaner. One that sounds like him and everything. Darth is part of a set of vacuum cleaners called the POWERbot Star Wars Limited Edition series, comprising Anakin Skywalker and a Stormtrooper (though we’d pass on th...[Read More]

Star Wars fans can now indulge their obsessive behaviour while getting ripped

Can you tell what a geek looks like any more? Of course you can’t, it’s all acceptable now to be a teeny bit obsessed — which means that Star Wars fans have been hitting the gym. Actually, they’ve always been there but it’s acceptable now to admit to being a fan of the Force. Which means that you could get away with installing these Star Wars-themed workout items from...[Read More]

Sphero R2-D2 – The droid you’re looking for – if you’re a big Star Wars nut

Sphero’s R2-D2 follows (or perhaps trundles) in BB–8’s footsteps, giving you a dinky, app-controlled take on the true hero of the Star Wars saga, who never gets the credit he deserves. Sure, Luke had a hand in messing up the Empire, but who got the Death Star schematics where they needed to go? Who takes a laser from Vader’s TIE Fighter, to keep Luke’s X-wing on track? Who helps the Falcon escape ...[Read More]

7 things you need to know about Sphero’s app-controlled R2-D2

Sphero’s app-controlled BB-8 droid was a delight back in 2015, but as a new Star Wars character, it didn’t quite have the same emotional pull as one we’ve loved for decades. Well, our wish is Sphero’s command, apparently, as the company unveiled a remote-controlled R2-D2. He’s pretty much movie-perfect, thanks to his scaled down dimensions and familiar beeps and boops...[Read More]

Light Start — Expensive R2-D2, Switch arcade, LED eyelashes, and Pickle Rick

Someone, somewhere, has found the droid they were looking for We don’t care how big of a Star Wars fan you are, you’re likely not as fanatical as the person who bid for (and bought) R2-D2 at auction recently. The little droid, build using pieces from the original trilogy (there never was a single ‘originating’ R2, it seems) and a couple of the prequels, fetched $2.76 millio...[Read More]

The 10 best Star Wars games of all time

Dozens upon dozens of Star Wars games have been released since the early ’80s, and the flood has never really subsided over the years. Pretty much every year has seen another game or two appear to reignite our love of lightsabers. That’s not always a great thing. Licensed games have a reputation for being rubbish more often than not, and Star Wars is as guilty as any other franchise fo...[Read More]

New technology brings Star Wars-style desert moisture farming a step closer

Luke Skywalker wasn’t just a farmer. In the original 1977 Star Wars film, the lead character was desperate to leave his home planet of Tatooine, where his family farmed moisture from the atmosphere using devices called “vaporators”. In the planet’s hot and dry desert landscape, moisture farming was an important activity for survival. But could this principle of drawing moisture from the air to pro...[Read More]

Are you a big enough Star Wars fan to drop R100,000 on a life-sized R2-D2?

We’re slightly fond of Star Wars here at Stuff and there’s at least one life-sized representation of the plucky little droid-that-could, R2-D2, right here in our offices. If only we made our money in a way other than talking about tech, though, as we might be able to afford this Sideshow-created R2 replica. Clocking in at a mighty wallet-smashing $7,450 (R100,000, give or take), this i...[Read More]

You want ALL of the Star Wars 40th Anniversary figures. All of them

Star Wars turns 40 this year — yes, really, and yes, we’re all getting old. But being old(er) means that we might just have the funds to secure all of Hasbro’s upcoming 40th Anniversary Star Wars figures set, which was unveiled at the New York Toy Fair last week. How’s your savings account looking? The set of 6in figures from the original trilogy are based on the highly-col...[Read More]

Our three Rogue One winners have made themselves known

Stuff Magazine put together one of its most short-notice competitions ever last week with the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story double ticket giveaway. But, since it had something to do with Star Wars, there was no way that we weren’t going to get a metric ton of entries.You have no idea how hard it was to close the competition lines this morning. But now… the time has come to announce our ...[Read More]

We have three sets of double tickets to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story up for grabs

We’ll be honest, we’re not expecting anyone to actually read any of this paragraph. People are just going to head on down to the competition entry form at the bottom of the page. And that’s okay. Time is of the essence, after all, as this is one of the shortest competitions we’ve ever run. Three groups of two people are going to be watching the pre-release screening of Rogu...[Read More]

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