Your next smartphone will shoot 1000fps ultra slow-mo videos

Get ready for some Matrix-style slow motion – without the crazy expensive camera hardware. Sony has pulled back the curtain on a new smartphone sensor, one that’ll shoot Full HD 1080p video at a frankly ridiculous 1000fps. That’s about eight times faster than the rest of the smartphone world, according to Sony. The new sensor should be pretty handy when it comes to still photos, ...[Read More]

Samsung to incorporate Dual Pixel tech in new 12MP smartphone camera sensors

You might be forgiven, if you’re fond of counting megapixels, for thinking that Samsung’s Galaxy S7’s 12MP camera was a step backwards from the Galaxy S6’s 16MP snapper. We’ll let that one go but we won’t be able to do that a second time – the company’s newly-announced 12MP sensors, which build in Dual Pixel tech normally only seen in DSLR sensors, m...[Read More]

Upgraded Apple Pencil could get an extra Touch (ID) or two

Pencils don’t exactly scream high-tech, but Apple’s iPad-friendly stylus is an exception. It’s a handy add-on for artists looking to add some finesse to their digital doodles, but the sequel could be a whole lot better. The eagle-eyed folks at Apple Insider spotted a recently approved Apple patent for a digital stylus that packs in a lot more tech than the current Pencil. Right n...[Read More]

Samsung likes the Sony Xperia Z5’s camera so much, it wants to put it in the Galaxy S7 (apparently)

According to the latest reports form Chinese forum Weibo, Samsung has been suitably impressed with the 23MP IMX300 camera sensor found in the Sony Xperia Z5. So much so, in fact, that it wants to shove it into the Galaxy S7. While Sony currently has exclusive rights to that particular sensor, it’ll be very tempting for it to strike a deal with Samsung, given the number of Galaxy flagships the comp...[Read More]

This temporary tattoo tests your blood sugar levels, minus the pain of needles

Stand back Google – the blood sugar level monitoring contact lenses that you’re working on might soon take a back seat. There’s a new player in town and it doesn’t require any pain, tears, or bloodshed. Sources indicate that nanoengineers might have developed a new technology that enables people to measure their blood sugar levels without having to go through the traditional way of pricking ...[Read More]

The real Cruise-control – Cruise wants to make standard vehicles self-driving

The big target on the motoring industry (and Google’s) radar at present is the self-driving car, a science-fiction concept made flesh and placed on our roads. We’re expecting specific models in future to feature the technology but a company called Cruise is looking to turn the average standard car into an autonomous one with the addition of a new fitting and a spot of app control. But ...[Read More]

Apple could be making a fitness band… for your barbell

Apple could be working on a fitness tracker designed to wrap around the cold hard steel of a barbell, according to a patent uncovered by AppleInsider. Most fitness bands are used to track how many steps you’ve taken as well as your speed and distance travelled, but when it comes to lifting heavy things and putting them back down again, their usefulness vastly diminishes. A barbell transmitte...[Read More]

Continental has sensor-equipped smart tyres on the way

Tyre manufacturer Continental already has some fairly intelligent motor vehicle shoes, fitted with their Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), which does what it says on the box – keeps track of the pressure in your tyres. But the TPMS is going to be undergoing an evolution that should become available around 2017, when Continental’s car-shoes will be getting smarter. What the manufa...[Read More]

A closer look at Canon’s experimental low-light sensor

Canon announced, back in March this year, that they were working on a new experimental high-sensitivity 35 mm full-frame CMOS sensor designed to record video in low-light conditions. When it was first announced it was already capable of some impressive video capture in poor lighting, new footage shot with the CMOS sensor indicates that the performance is still improving. The video below shows the ...[Read More]

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