Fitbit Ionic – A powerful fitness tracker surrounded by smartwatch scaffolding

How smart do you like your fitness trackers? If the answer is ‘not very’ then Fitbit has had you covered for a while with its merry band of clever, if not particularly connected, trackers. But now it’s gone the other way and made a proper frontman in the form of its first smartwatch, the Ionic. It’s a bold if somewhat belated move – rivals like the Apple Watch Series 3 and the forthcoming Samsung ...[Read More]

Canon EOS 6D Mark II – Canon’s full-framer doesn’t quite get full marks

Are you ready to make the big photographic leap and go full frame? These giants of the DSLR world, with light-sucking sensors that are the digital equivalent of 35mm format film, certainly have a lot going for them. They capture incredible detail, thrive in murky conditions and are finally entering sub-R35,000 territory. That’s the promise of Canon’s EOS 6D Mark II, its new entry-level full-framer...[Read More]

Nikon D850 – This speedy DSLR also has a serious eye for detail

The perfect heavyweight boxer is one who marries power with lightning speed. Of course, the laws of physics mean that very few are blessed with both, but occasionally a Tyson all-rounder emerges to baffle their rivals. Well, the Nikon D850 is promising to be that freak specimen for DSLRs. Following the much-loved D810, it claims to marry extremely high resolution 45.4MP photos with the speedy burs...[Read More]

Forza Motorsport 7 – Leaves other racers languishing in the rear view mirror

It was going so well. We had memorised all eighteen of Silverstone’s iconic bends. We knew exactly how hard to push the race-prepped Bentley Continental GT3 into each corner – all 1300 kilos of it. The Stig? We’d have left him in the dust. Then, the heavens opened. Maggots and Becketts became a waterlogged quagmire, visibility dropped to almost nothing, and finding grip was near-impossible. ...[Read More]

Apple iOS 11 – They’ve turned it all the way up to 11 – at least on iPad

A giant step. A monumental leap. Apple’s not holding back in bigging up its latest mobile OS. And, as ever, there’s a list of new features as long as your arm – even if you had a super-stretchy arm you could dangle out of a third-storey window. To pick some highlights, the iPad finally becomes a real boy (computer) with the new Dock, Files app, and drag-and-drop; and the iPhone gets into augmented...[Read More]

LG Watch Style – Without much substance this smartwatch struggles to Style it out

Trying too hard is often the death knell for ‘fashion’ gadgets that want to be admired for more than their silicon. Thankfully, LG hasn’t gone all Derek Zoolander on us or re-teamed-up with Prada again for the LG Watch Style. This may be its most style-obsessed smartwatch yet, but LG hasn’t lost the plot. It’s just a shame that the LG Watch Style doesn’t do a lot. And will conk out bef...[Read More]

Project CARS 2 – Hyper-realistic, packed with options and an absolute blast to drive

It’s a great time to be alive if you love racing games. As blockbusters Forza Motorsport 7 and Gran Turismo Sport prepare to burst into the world, Project CARS 2 provides a different kind of ride; this game offers up an authentic and immersive sandbox experience that Microsoft and Sony’s offerings simply can’t achieve with their crowd-pleasing remits. How? Well for starters it allows you to race a...[Read More]

Destiny 2 – The interstellar sequel Guardians have been waiting for

The original Destiny didn’t just promise the world. It promised an entire solar system. Bungie mostly delivered, too. The planet-hopping, loot-grabbing gunplay was fantastic, even if the end game was a massive grind-fest that four major DLC drops failed to fix. The story never felt coherent, either, unless you researched the Grimoire lore books online. The sequel has to do more than please players...[Read More]

Canon EOS 200D – Can Canon’s smallest ever DSLR take on the mirrorless clan?

It’s taken Canon four years to bring out a successor to its itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie entry level model, the 100D. Now the 200D is here and it’s the smallest ever DSLR with a vari-angle screen. In the age of mirrorless, the big question has to be whether Canon can take on rivals like the Olympus’ OM-Ds by shrinking down its DSLR. Sitting in the middle of the basic EOS 1300D and the more adva...[Read More]

Sphero R2-D2 – The droid you’re looking for – if you’re a big Star Wars nut

Sphero’s R2-D2 follows (or perhaps trundles) in BB–8’s footsteps, giving you a dinky, app-controlled take on the true hero of the Star Wars saga, who never gets the credit he deserves. Sure, Luke had a hand in messing up the Empire, but who got the Death Star schematics where they needed to go? Who takes a laser from Vader’s TIE Fighter, to keep Luke’s X-wing on track? Who helps the Falcon escape ...[Read More]

Nokia 6 — New Nokia, familiar looks – but that ain’t no bad thing

You can’t keep a good dog down – and apparently the same applies to phone companies. Nokia announced its resurrection earlier this year with a modernised 3310, but budget burnerphones will only get you so far. Now it’s time to talk business. With HMD Global behind the helm, the Nokia 6 is the first ‘real’ new Nokia phone. It’s a mid-range handset at heart, then,...[Read More]

Sonic Mania — After two decades of mediocrity, the ‘hog is finally back on track

Are you sure we’re not back in the ‘90s? With everyone playing Crash Bandicoot, Wipeout and a spiritual Banjo-Kazooie successor, we’re starting to wonder whether we somehow passed out in a DeLorean during the New Year’s celebrations. Most interesting of all these retro rebirths, though, is Sonic the Hedgehog. He was one of the biggest stars of the decade, but ever since? He crashed harder th...[Read More]

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