Enter Oculus Rift-powered horror game The Forest with a new trailer

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Continuing with the gaming theme for the day, Oculus Rift indie game The Forest has a new trailer for the upcoming title – which comes with a Stuff viewer advisory warning.

The Forest, which is in development for the PC with the Oculus Rift VR headset as its main peripheral, is an open world game with an axe. Normally players will construct their shelter and gather supplies during the day, along the lines of Minecraft, at night players will encounter hazards of the crazed enemy variety.

The trailer shows a little of both, the serene woodchopping and exploration during daylight hours as well as the blood-filled nights as players fight off enemies with a blood-spattered axe. The juxtaposition is a little jarring, as are the dismembered bodies. We’re just picturing ourselves hiding behind a couch after attempting The Forest with an Oculus Rift equipped.

Source: Polygon

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