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The eVscope wants to give you your best (live) look at the stars yet

What if you could look into space and see an awful lot more than you’re used to? What if you could do large amounts of science at the same time? The eVscope, a telescope being funded on Kickstarter, aims to do that without you needing to build an observatory in your back yard. If you’ve ever used a telescope you probably know that what you can see through a tube and some ground glass (...[Read More]

Which GoPro should you buy?

In a world where action lurks down every YouTube link, three Heroes just aren’t enough. No, when every leap, splash, crash and climb (no matter how insignificant or embarrassing) must be recorded in total clarity, a new Hero is needed. A Hero that will capture every concussion in 4K at 60fps, before automatically editing them into a fame-worthy compilation of pain to share with your burgeoning fan...[Read More]

Crowdfund the Moon, a levitating 360-degree home camera

Homes are only getting smarter. We’re right behind that, especially if it means we can populate our living space with gadgets like the Moon, currently being crowdfunded on IndieGoGo. Not the actual lunar orb, though that would be awesome… if stunningly impractical. No, the Moon is a 360-degree camera of the type you may have seen before. It can be used to keep an eye on your home, so y...[Read More]

Quality is king with Canon’s EOS 77D

Canon’s EOS 77D offers high-end performance and full control and is ideal if you’re looking to upgrade your kit and refine your skills. With the same sensor technology found in the iconic EOS 80D and Canon’s processor – DIGIC 7 – the EOS 77D captures scenes in impressive quality, with richer detail, while being fast enough to ensure a crystal clear image. Boasting extremely fast auto focus using L...[Read More]

Capture stories in stunning quality with Canon’s stylish new mirrorless camera – the EOS M100

This small, stylish and connected EOS mirrorless camera promises incredible image quality. Ideal for having on you all the time, EOS M100’s compact and stylish design allows you to spontaneously capture those everyday moments and lifelong stories. This is the perfect camera to help you release your creative vision and take your photography to the next level. Learning to use your new camera is easy...[Read More]

Canon EOS M100 hands-on – The perfect step up from your smartphone?

Damn those smartphones and their pesky cameras! What with almost everyone nowadays having a decent snapper to hand, Canon is working harder than ever to give you a reason to upgrade to a ‘real’ camera. While its name might sound like it belongs above an exit ramp somewhere off the N1 to Cape Town, the EOS M100 is a genuinely exciting prospect. An entry level camera that cuts out a lot ...[Read More]

Nikon is readying the D850 for the company’s 100th anniversary

Hey, here’s something that’ll make you feel old — unless you’re some kind of camera history buff (yeah, we know you’re reading this), that is. Nikon are prepping their D850 full-frame camera for launch and the reason they’re doing that is because… the company is turning 100. Nikon has made it to a century, a feat that few tech-based companies can boast of....[Read More]

Old habits die hard: HMD Nokia teaming up with Zeiss optics again

If you cast your mind back to recent years and the biggest claims made by a smartphone camera, the Nokia 1020 is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Possessed of a 41MP Carl Zeiss camera setup, this phone was camera overkill in its time and we thought that we might never see its like again. Except… Current Nokia makers HMD Global have announced that the brand will once again be part...[Read More]

6 reasons the Canon 6D Mark II is all the full-frame camera you need

It finally happened: Canon put the ancient EOS 6D DSLR out to pasture and replaced it with a camera worthy of 2017 AD. Take a bow, the all-new EOS 6D Mark II. Like its predecessor it’s a full-frame camera, and that bumper sensor size arguably remains its most important feature. But Canon has made a slew of refinements and tweaks that make the Mark II a very appealing prospect indeed, whether you’r...[Read More]

Nintendo’s not done — New 2DS XL launches this July

If you thought that Nintendo was going to just sit back and chill after releasing the Switch, their new dual-function and highly portable games console, you were wrong. The company has announced a new member of their handheld family in the 2DS XL, a revamped version of the 2DS that chucks the wedge shape, adds a hinge, and increases the size of the screens. Set for a late July release overseas, th...[Read More]

May makes someone an instant winner with our Instax Mini 8 giveaway

Going out with friends is great and all but you know what we dislike? Having to remember things that just happened. It’s a good thing that we have smartphones, so we can incessantly document things that we could be wasting time just… just… looking at. But you know the problem with that? It’s intangible. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 (good luck finding them — they sell ou...[Read More]

Look forward to high end performance with Canon’s new EOS 77D

Canon’s new DSLR camera, the EOS 77D combines leading imaging technologies, including a 24.2-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and DIGIC 7 processor. The camera offers high-end performance and full control and is ideal if you’re looking to upgrade your kit and refine your skills. With the same sensor technology found in the iconic EOS 80D and Canon’s latest processor – DIGIC 7 – the EOS 77D captures sce...[Read More]

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