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Fitbit launches Charge 3 with up to 7-day battery life and updated health features

Fitbit is expanding on their Charge range with the new Fitbit Charge 3. The company’s latest mid-range wearable tracker is water resistant to 50m, features a range of nifty exercise modes, and promises up to a whopping 7-day battery life. You can even get Fitbit Pay on it… but only […]

Logitech announces ergonomic vertical mouse for your sensitive wrist

Logitech announced a new ergonomic mouse, designed to take the pressure off of your fragile wrists. It’s called the MX Vertical, and essentially takes the same design and performance cues as the rest of Logitech’s MX line, but flipped up on its side, like a car on two wheels in […]

Fujifilm South Africa launches rent-to-own programme

Upgrading from a phone to a “real camera” is a dream for many, but with the price of camera bodies and the lenses to go with them, it’s out of the realm of the possible for many. To address this, Fujifilm South Africa has launched a rent-to-own programme, which is […]

Netflix testing video promos between episodes of whatever you’re bingeing at the moment

Oh Netflix, and you were doing so well… Streaming service Netflix has been testing running promotional ads between episodes of whatever is being watched, something that has gotten right up the noses of those who have experienced the recent test. The test was spotted by various users around the world, […]

Facebook risks starting a war on knowledge

Facebook is closing its doors to researchers in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The latest casualty is the app Netvizz, a research tool used by hundreds of academics to gather public Facebook data, that the social network has recently banned. The app has gathered more than 300 academic citations and has been used […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs the S9+ – the weigh-in

When the Galaxy Note 9 ships, Samsung will have two very large 2018 flagships on offer, since the Galaxy S9+ released earlier this year. And they’re very similar in many ways, especially design — but Samsung has pulled out a few tricks with their most recent Note edition. Both sport […]

Seven shows you can only catch first on Showmax

Some TV shows are available everywhere. You know the ones – they don’t have to advertise them because you can’t throw a rock without hitting the latest episode. But then there are others which are a little more… exclusive. If you want Naruto or JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, you head to […]

In just nine years Huawei has overtaken Apple and has eyes on Samsung’s number one spot

Most people only know Chinese telecoms giant Huawei because of its smartphones, which this month overtook Apple to take the number two spot both globally and locally. They deserve it. Huawei only started making Android smartphones in 2009 and now make superb devices with luxurious materials, excellent quality screens and […]

The darknet is not a hellhole, it’s an answer to internet privacy

On the back of scandals such as those that engulfed the NSA and Cambridge Analytica, online privacy and data protection have become major political concerns. Many of us worry that private companies and governments know more about us than our closest friends and relatives. One alternative is to switch to the darknet, which offers anonymity […]

Leak confirms Diablo III is coming to the Nintendo Switch

Say goodbye to your free time, Diablo players, because the third title of the dungeon adventure game is coming to Nintendo Switch this year. Forbes accidentally published an article on it, ignoring the embargo, and Kotaku has confirmed it since… we guess it didn’t really have any choice. Blizzard Entertainment had […]

Local fighting game Boet Fighter looks very schweet, okes

Earlier this year, local game developer Robot Wizard attempted to crowdfund a point-and-click style game called Jengo… and failed. Now they’re back, collaborating with New Reality and local personality Hard Eddy with more muscles, bad tattoos, and plenty of ‘faaghting’ with a game called Boet Fighter. It looks as fun as […]

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