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Machine learning is solving real problems, from saving energy to combatting blindness

Millions of people go blind every year from a preventable eye disease caused by diabetes. Called diabetic retinopathy, it is devastating to its sufferers and takes an ophthalmologist to diagnose. This is a particular problem in a country like India, which has a huge population and a high prevalence of diabetes but not enough ophthalmologists. “India is set to emerge as the diabetic capital o...[Read More]

Huawei Mate 10 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus: the weigh-in

Nobody is making stylish, high-end phones quite like Samsung right now, although Apple’s iPhone X will try mightily to take the crown away from the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. And here’s another big contender: Huawei’s Mate 10 Pro. Last year’s Mate 9 Pro looked strikingly like a Galaxy S7 Edge, but this year’s edition embraces the extra-tall screen trend and sheds q...[Read More]

The difference between cybersecurity and cybercrime, and why it matters

A Texas woman in her 50s, let’s call her “Amy,” met a man online calling himself “Charlie.” Amy, who lived in Texas, was in a bad marriage. Charlie said he was a businessman and a Christian, and wooed her. “He was saying all the right things,” Amy later told the FBI. “He was interested in me. He was interested in getting to know me better. He was very positive, and I felt like there was a real con...[Read More]

iStore announces iPhone 8/8 Plus contract pricing

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus go on sale in South Africa today, and the iStore has released contract pricing for the devices on all major networks for those looking to take new contracts or extend their existing one and upgrade to one of the new handsets. Consumers who choose to upgrade to take out a new contact via the iStore can get free training, setup and technical support and can choose to take up ...[Read More]

HMD Nokia announces new handset – the Nokia 7

Something tells us that HMD Nokia’s going to be sticking to numerical values for their smartphones for a while — the company has just revealed the Nokia 7, a new mid-range phone that sits… well, between the Nokia 6 and the Nokia 8. And in more ways than just the number order, too. The Nokia 6 sports a Snapdragon 430 CPU, the Nokia 8 has a Snapdragon 835, and the Nokia 7? ThatR...[Read More]

Samsung DeX update will let you run Linux as a desktop using your phone

Some people always have to do things the hard way and we call those people Linux users. And Samsung hasn’t forgotten about them, as the South Korean company has shown in a pending update to the DeX dock for Galaxy flagship phones. If you haven’t guessed by now, Samsung has introduced Linux for DeX, allowing users to use the complicated operating system using their smartphones. Called L...[Read More]

Your Nintendo Switch just got smarter

Nintendo’s Switch has always been a good console, all the way back to launch day, but it wasn’t perfect. It still isn’t, truth be told, but it has managed to get a little better than it was. A new system update has brought along features that have been missing from the Switch, notably the ability to record video and transfer save files. The save-file transfer feature was a no-bra...[Read More]

Looking into their computer-generated eyes: dating in virtual reality

Online dating has been around for more than 20 years, but for the most part, the goal has been to eventually meet your new paramour face to face. Virtual reality (VR) could change that. From Match.com, which launched in 1995, the idea of meeting and chatting with someone in a digital space has spread to Facebook, Second Life and apps like Tinder. With VR coming of age, we’re about to discover what...[Read More]

You’ll soon be able to pay for Netflix in rand… and it’s okay if you share your account

In the next few weeks, or months at most, local Netflix users will be able to pay for the service in rand rather than US dollars, and the company is exploring various partnerships with local telcos both to make it mitigate the cost of the data required to use the service, and so that subscribers can pay for the service through their mobile operator. Perhaps even better news is that, if you’r...[Read More]

Share your real-time location with WhatsApp Live Location

The Facebook-owned instant messaging service WhatsApp has added a feature that allows users to share their location in real-time with individual or group chats. Called Live Location, the new feature includes end-to-end encryption and lets you decide how long the person or people you’re sharing your location with can view it. The feature is rolling out on both Android and iPhone in coming wee...[Read More]

Millions of South African’s ID numbers and other personal information leaked

Almost 30GB of information that includes roughly 30 million ID numbers, estimated income, age, occupation, previous address and other personal data has been spotted online by data security researcher Troy Hunt. It’s clearly the biggest data leak in South African history, but what’s far less clear is where the data came from, and whether its appearance online is due to malice, negligenc...[Read More]

The ZTE Axon M is a smartphone packing dual 5.2in displays

We know that we’ve been keen on a folding display smartphone for a long time but this isn’t what we were expecting to see. ZTE’s newly-announced Axon M is set to arrive, in the States first before making it to the rest of the world, with dual 5.2in 1080p displays. The dual display setup might be folding but it’s hinged rather than using a flexible screen to create its effec...[Read More]

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