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Stuff South Africa's online editor and print assistant editor, Brett Venter has churned out more words on more titles than most journalists will in a career. He's kind of shy.

Japanese power tool-maker Makita’s coffee machine is right at home on construction sites

Fancy-tasting coffee at the push of a button is no longer the sole domain of people with soft hands, air conditioning and an office kitchen. Now, thanks to power tool maker Makita, you’ll be able to enjoy fancy java even if you’re usually found wandering around construction sites crushing bricks with your bare hands. Even better, you can use the battery for your cordless power tools to...[Read More]

IBM has made the world’s smallest computer, measuring just 1mm x 1mm

Just how much space do you need to create a compete working computer? If you’re IBM the answer to that is “Not much at all”, which might explain how the company has managed to create the world’s smallest functional PC. That header image above? That shows 64 of the computer’s motherboards sandwiched together on a single chip. Unveiled at the IBM Think conference, this ...[Read More]



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Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra – A big-screen contender in the mid-range war

If you’re after a Sony smartphone, and we mean really after one, then you are probably going to be waiting on the Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact devices that were announced at this year’s MWC. We get it — some users are keen on Sony’s premium lineup and nothing else. That said, there is still some benefit to looking a little down the tier to devices like the new Sony Xperia XA2...[Read More]

Light Start – Oculus Go, Apple’s buggy ads, Sonic Racing, and prepare for Infinity War

Oculus Go could launch from Facebook as soon as this May Facebook has been sitting on the standalone Oculus Go headset for a while, with no announcement in sight for when it’ll drop on the VR-craving masses. Well, VR-craving users — we’re not quite ready for ‘masses’ just yet. A new report claims that we’re going to see the Oculus Go unleashed on the world rathe...[Read More]

Fitbit Versa – 6 things you need to know

Fitbit’s got a lot of competition in the wearables market these days, from Apple in particular but also from everyone else who’s decided to put a collection of microchips into a wristband. Their answer to the latest lot of challenges is the Versa, the company’s second shot at an honest-to-goodness smartwatch. And the Versa does a lot of things right. It’s cheaper than its i...[Read More]



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CliffCentral unWired wireless earphones – Affordable buds for your lugholes

At the Stuff offices we’re accustomed to receiving loads of tech from around the world but almost nothing that is primarily South African. Even Vodacom’s series of smartphones are designed and released as Vodafone devices in the UK before getting here. So getting a pair of’s unWired earphones was a bit of a strange experience. Gareth Cliff on the box, CliffCentra...[Read More]

Light Start – SpaceX trailer, ‘smart’ mouse trap, Breadbot, and your very own HAL 9000

SpaceX’s SxSW Falcon Heavy trailer is short but incredibly sweet Elon Musk showed up at SxSW because of course he did and he, along with the folks responsible for Westworld (you know, the series about robot cowboys or something), debuted a new trailer. A trailer for SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy launch and “…the next part of the human story”, according to Westworld series co-...[Read More]

Nokia 8110 – Hands-on with the Nokia banana-phone

Back before the Matrix series had descended into weird philosophy cut with impossible fistfights, if you wanted the greatest in phone technology then you wanted whatever smartphone Nokia had released that week. The sliding Nokia 8110, the very handset that Keanu Reeves used to escape capture from his office job (something we all wish we could do), was the epitome of the future then. Bendy and with...[Read More]



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Samsung Galaxy S9: A stunning update that’s going to be hard to beat

A lot of ink, digital and the other kind, has already been spilled on the new Galaxy S9 smartphone from Samsung. A lot more is going to be splashed around over the rest of the year as Samsung’s newest is used as the benchmark for every other smartphone released in 2018. Nobody’s going to be left out, even Apple’s newest creations will be measured against the S9. Which could be fi...[Read More]

Sony’s gone high-end again with camera-centred Xperia XZ2, XZ Compact

It’s Mobile World Congress time again, the time of year when most of the smartphone surprises for the year are either teased or confirmed. Sony’s had a couple of announcements for us in the shape of the Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact handsets, which will be launching next month — though local availability and pricing have yet to be confirmed. It’s been quite some time since a n...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Galaxy S8: What’s changed

We’ve seen a pattern like this before: Samsung’s Galaxy S7 took its cues from the Galaxy S6, the company’s last radical redesign. Having the same thing happen in the jump from the S8 to the Galaxy S9 isn’t completely unexpected. This Apple-like approach to handset releases might make for a less-exciting reveal but that’s as may be. There are some high points to be see...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy S9: Hands-on with the world’s best phone

Let’s address the elephant in the room first, shall we? On a visual level, not much has changed between the Galaxy S8 and the newly-revealed Samsung Galaxy S9. It’s quite an Apple-like move for Samsung to make — the looks are the same but the insides are what has changed. But how much? Not a colossal amount, as it happens. If you made the upgrade jump last year, you’re not ...[Read More]

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